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Pastor's Message

Pastor Karen holding a baby being baptized

Welcome! Trinity Lutheran Church seeks to be an active part of the Rice Lake community. We are a small congregation with hopes and dreams for the future. The Rev. Karen L. Johnson would be more than happy to discuss the congregation with you. Contact her at or by calling the church, (715) 234-4568.

Group photo of the congregation in the sanctuary

About Rev. Johnson

Always a student, Pastor Karen has a BA in education, an MDiv, and DMin, a certificate in Institutional Administration, and completed a course of study as a Spiritual Director. She dabbled in counseling, music, library science, and race cars. In 27 years of ministry, she has served in rural, resort, town, and 3rd ring suburban congregations, as interim, associate, and senior pastor. She has been married and widowed, brags on her grandkids, loves to sit on a dock and watch the waves, and always wanted to dance!

Pastor's Message

Some months we scramble to find some "body" to take on a project. Too few hands, too little time, too many crises. . .then you take a step back and look at the blessings of a small congregation.

The pastor knows the children's names and can pick them up and carry them around when Mom is busy doing something else.

Other adults pray for your child.

Pastor Karen at Easter Conversations and reading

Laughter abounds because we know each other, our personality traits, our interests, and our favorite foods (yes, the pastor loves chocolate!).

There are times when people contact the church because they want to "use" it -- they need a room for an activity, a wedding setting for a church, to get their kid "done", financial assistance for unpaid bills.

But there are other times when the pastor is called to hold a hand, to bless a moment, to share in celebration. That's where the small church shines -- in the relationships, in the caring, in taking the time to notice.

It's what we want to do well. So we're practicing -- with time for fellowship, with activities like dartball, and movies, and bowling, with laughter. Won't you come and join us?

Here are some of our most recent projects: Pink Hair and Prayer Partners.

Pink Hair for Pastor Karen

The story about the pink hair: I challenged the congregation to contribute $2500 to ELCA -- Good Gifts: enough to provide a well for people who are miles from a water source. The congregation came up with $4221 -- so I dyed my hair pink. Apparently they are very concerned about people who have to walk miles for water!

Children play Duck, Duck, Goose Church members sing in praise

Prayer Partners

During Lent, adults were matched up with youngsters as prayer partners. Letters, crafts, conversation were exchanged. The final event was a brunch that included boxes of cereal, crafts, games, a song, and time together.

Children make crafts

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